Aloha Everyone,

Project Hawai'i, Inc. is a nonprofit organization run 100% by volunteers and solely supported by public donations. Our mission is to enhance the lives of homeless (unsheltered) children across the islands and help them to escape their cycle of poverty.

This is our 11th year anniversary for providing an award-winning summer educational program. Our teen mentoring summer camp is designed to allow teens to work alongside the younger homeless children and guide them through a wide variety of activities. Our goal is to provide a month long program to help the children build self-esteem, learn the life and social skills needed to help them succeed in school. Over the past 10 years we have had so many successful stories, so this year we have a special TEEN WEEK. This will allow the teens to take part in even more educational and life skill building workshops and have more time just for teens.

The second goal of our educational program is to provide the homeless children with their nutritional needs as their brains develop. While most children will regress a bit over the long summer break, our children will regress up to the entire year level. This is inpart due to the lack of proper nutrition and brain stimulation. This year we are also striving to go 100% organic!! This will allow for most of the toxins in their body to be released, and help them to have a better understanding of their bodies needs in the future. Children who are malnutritioned also seem to suffer from behavior and mental disorders that lead to the child being placed in special ed classes, dropping out of school, or getting lost in the system. Our goal is to teach the children proper skills and to understand that their actions do control their future.

As well we have chose to be an organic camp and do our best to provide 100% organic meals and snacks.


Join us at one of our upcoming events. 3 hours of your time can change a child's life forever.

All volunteers will be doing the same tasks at each fund-raising event. Volunteers will be holding awareness signs and collecting donations for the community. For those who wish to host a collection of needed supplies, or for monetary support, please let me know, and I can get you started.

ORIENTATION WILL BEGIN ON TIME, Please plan to arrive a few minutes early, especially with traffic issues

  1. May 11th - Friday 2:00-5:00 p.m. Kapolei in the Safeway/Hele gas station Shopping Center. We meet in the "empty" parking area against the hedges. Turn into the HELE entrance, TURN RIGHT and RIGHT AGAIN...we park there

  2. May12th - Saturday 11:00- 2:00 p.m. Pearl City First Hawaiian Bank: Corner of Kam Hwy and Waimano Home Road, below the Mc Donalds in the Chuck E Cheese center, on the corner by the lights...we park in the bank lot.

  3. June 16th - Groups Clubs, etc... we need your support. Can host this event in Kapolei, Kane'ohe or Pearl city. Please inquire with us


We do have volunteer rules/guidelines to assure the overall success of the program, here are a few, and please email for all the other important details:

  1. Volunteers are required to attend a full 3-hour shift. Our homeless keiki rely on US and we RELY ON YOU.

  2. Volunteers will need to wear comfortable clothing fit for the weather. We show up rain or shine...mostly hot weather, so shorts, t-shirts (your group or company logo t's are fine),

  3. Wear comfortable walking shoes, you will be on your feet for the shift.

  4. Please bring your volunteer hour sheet for us to sign, we DO NOT email verification afterwards. If you don't bring the papers, we can't sign them

  5. For groups, clubs, companies over 10 we do need you to preregister. We limit our large group acceptance.

  6. For families with children we do require children be over the age 8 years old, and those under 13 will need to be chaperoned.


  1. Please email your name, and the date(s) shift(s) you wish to attend

  2. If you are bring a friend, family, etc, please include the number of people. (those who bring a friend will earn an addition ONE HOUR towards their community service for helping us to create awareness)

  3. Groups with 10 or more, please submit the group you are enrolling with projected attendance...you will need a follow up acceptance email from us before attending.

  4. Volunteers will need to sign in at least 5-10 minutes prior to the shift. For example if the shift starts at 11A please be there at 10:50, we will have orientation at 11:00. Being late, makes us all late. Mahalo

For those who wish to help even further and take on a sponsorship or collection of most needed supplies, please contact us. I will give you the list or options of what still needs sponsored. Furthermore, we will be finishing the collection June 17th!