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Help Support our Homeless Keiki on Maui. This is going on our second year to establish our life changing programs for our precious children living in poverty.

Monthly outreach is part of the overall success in forming the trusting bonds between the children, parents and our team.

Currently we are in contact with 50-60 children full-time and continue to meet more with each outreach attempt.

Their needs vary from family to family and we do our best to help them become stable, then they can take the next steps to move out of homelessness. 

In the start, this process takes visit after visit before we see dramatic change.

You can be a life changing partner and make a commitment to a homeless child today.

  • Monthly Meals: $10.

  • Monthly Hygiene Bag: $20.

  • Emergency Support: $35.

  • You choose your support level.

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