#VolunteerHawaii-  Volunteer Keep Homeless Keiki Clean and Healthy

With the new school year upon us, we are striving to make 2020 brighter for even more children living in extreme poverty.

Project Hawai'i, Inc., is a nonprofit organization run 100% by volunteers. We are solely supported by public donations. Our agency provides services throughout the year to homeless (unsheltered) children living in extreme poverty.

As the designated COC hunger and awareness chair for the district of Hawai'i, I take the responsibility of spreading the awareness of the crisis our islands face, and help to feed the children living in extreme poverty. Our children will go days without a healthy meal, some rely solely on what they are provided for at school. Hunger pains are real, and these children feel them. I hope to educate the community on what they can do to help those going without food, and how to make a difference in their precious lives.

Our goal is to be able to provide these children with monthly meal cards, hygiene bags and other necessities they need to "survive" while being homeless. Please Note: We no longer provide FOOD BOXES due to the clean sweeps and the inconvenience to our families. It is too hard on the families to worry about random food items when they have to move about so often. Meal cards allow them the opportunity to provide a hot, healthy meal when needed for their children. 


This fundraiser will allow us to continue our efforts and support their ever growing needs. We are seeking volunteers for 3 hours across the island.

REQUIRED!!! Voluteers need to come on time and NOT leave early, this really messes up our entire event and overall success



1.  Pearl City  Jan 13th- Saturday 11a-2p

First Hawaiian Bank in Pearl City. Corner of Kam Hwy & Waimano Home Road. You can park in the bank parking lot.

All volunteers will be doing the same task.

We are holding awareness signs and nets to collect donations from donors.



  • Email your name, email address, dates you are attending.

  • No need to pre-register. If you find this opportunity too late to get a response from us, you are STILL welcome to attend.

  • GROUPS with 10 or more need to be pre-approved, please do not just show up. We need to know how many people are attending. We limit our group size to 20 per day.

  • Families with children: We accept children between the ages of 8-12 with an adult supervisor, not really suited for younger children. Teens are welcome without a supervisor.

  • Show up 5-10 minutes prior to shift for orientation.

  • If you need this for a service project, school hours, club hours, or other community service, please bring your paper work to have us sign it AFTER you complete your shift.



  • Suggested to wear sunglasses, hats, sun protective measures. We are IN THE SUN at the peak times of the day, so please be akamai (smart)

  • Bring Sunscreen

  • Dress for the weather, typically hot, but possible rain...we come rain or shine, as the children rely on us and WE RELY ON YOU!!

  • Groups can wear their group or club t-shirts, etc.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, you will be walking/standing, sometimes on the pavement, sometimes in grassy areas, etc.

  • Water bottles!!! ( groups with 10 or more are required to bring water bottles)

  • Community service papers for us to sign. If you don't bring them, we can't sign them. We will not be able to email, or mail the forms to you. PLEASE bring a form or letter for us to sign, we will NOT be able to do so after the event in over. Mahalo

  • A friend is also welcome, and YOU get an EXTRA HOUR of community service for bringing a friend or family member.



  • Snacks and Refreshments (limited water, please bring your own)

  • Awareness Signs and Nets

  • Community Service Hours accepted by schools, social service and court ordered forms.


WANT TO HOST YOUR OWN COLLECTION: Those who wish to host their own collection of most needed items. Please do NOT just dropoff random items or donations. We are not equipped to handle various donations.

Want to create YOUR OWN GROUP/CLUB/COMPANY fundraiser for our emergency need fund? We'd love to have you on our team. Here is what YOUR FUNDS would help us with. On a weekly basis we are asked for various items of support, from moms or teens getting new jobs and needing work attire, children being accepted in sports and needing gear, families who find themselves in need of emergency supplies, such as tarp, tent, sleeping bags, clothing, propane, water jugs, etc. While we would love to have these items on hand, we have NO STORAGE for such items and need these items in an emergency, no time to create a separate fundraiser or collection.


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