Volunteer Hawaii- Healthy Hearts for Homeless Keiki

Project Hawai'i, Inc. is a nonprofit organization run 100% by volunteers and solely supported by public donations. Our mission is to enhance the lives of homeless keiki living in extreme poverty. Our children live unsheltered without basic life needs, not knowing where their next meal might come from, or if they will be able to bathe, or other simple life necessities we all take for granted.

Our "Healthy Hearts for Homeless Keiki " campaign goes beyond just providing their basic needs and helps them to keep healthy and participate in school based activities. Unfortunately, our government and politicians to not have a full grasp on the reality that the homeless children face in their lives, and how STUPID laws affect their overall health and well-being. In 2006, there was a law passed in the public school system that if the children do not have PROPER shoes they cannot participate in sports, p.e. and other recess exercises. So, where does that leave our already left behind children? It leaves them with yet another opportunity taken from them to live a healthy life. 

Did you know that homeless and poverty stricken children DO NOT receive FREE uniforms, p.e., or school shirts at public schools? Although the costs might seem minimal, to a family living in poverty, this is an expense they rarely have. 

SO...Project Hawai'i, Inc. started a Healthy Hearts for Homeless Keiki program that allows us to provide these children with the shoes they need to participate in these activities. In addition, if we raise enough money, we can also help with their uniform and other needs if they choose to play a school based or after school sport. Thus far we have provided hundreds of children with that opportunity. Our children are now playing sports, building self-esteem, building friendships and staying healthy.

To share a story that happened to one of our pre-teens last year. It is just one of the sad facts that our keiki face when growing up in extreme poverty. This young boy attending 7th grade was being picked on at school. He never said anything to his mom knowing she couldn't do anything to fix the fact that he had no clean clothing and couldn't participate in p.e. That year they found him in the locker room trying to hang himself. Peer pressure is hard, being a pre-teen is hard, but trying to overcome challenges that these children have no choice or control over makes their situations near impossible. Just like many of the children we support, this boy is now doing okay. Because of support from events like this...YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!



Volunteers will be able holding awareness signs and helping to collection donations from the public.



  • Email your name, email address, dates you are attending.

  • No need to pre-register.

  • GROUPS with 10 or more need to be pre approved, please do not just show up. We need to know how many of people are attending.

  • Families with children: We accept children between the ages of 8-12 with an adult supervisor, not really suited for younger children. Teens are welcome without a supervisor.

  • Show up 5-10 minutes prior to shift for orientation.


  • Suggested to wear sunglasses, hats, sun protective measures

  • Bring Sunscreen

  • Dress for the weather, typically hot, but possible rain...we come rain or shine, as the children rely on us and WE RELY ON YOU!

  • Groups can wear their group or club t-shirts, etc.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes

  • Water bottles ( groups with 10 or more are required to bring water bottles)

  • Community service papers for us to sign. If you don't bring them, we can't sign them. We will not be able to email or mail the forms to you. PLEASE bring a form or letter for us to sign, we will NOT be able to do so after the event is over. Mahalo

  • A friend is also welcome



  • Snacks and Refreshments

  • Awareness Signs and Nets

  • Community Service Hours accepted by schools, social service and court ordered forms.

If you are interested in hosting your own collection prior to our event for the homeless children, please contact us. We have VERY LIMITED space for items, so we can send you a list of most needed items. Please do not just show up with items. Mahalo again for your time and concern towards our homeless keiki



Pearl City is located at the First Hawaiian Bank on the corner of Kam Hwy and Waimano Home Rd. Parking in the bank parking lot

Feb. 10th Saturday 11a-2p

Feb. 18th Sunday  11a-2p

Kane'ohe is located at the First Hawaiian Bank at the Windward City Shopping Center near the KFC, corner of Toyota and Burger King

Feb. 11th Sunday 11a-2p

Kapolei is located at the Hele/Safeway intersection, enter at the Hele gas station make the first RIGHT (opposite as Hele) and RIGHT AGAIN now facing Burger King. We are parked there

Feb. 17th -Saturday 11a-2p




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