Thank you for your interest in helping to provide added support to our year round programs to help our homeless keiki escape their cycle of poverty. 

While most of society is honest and forthcoming, unfortunately we have been a target for several scams over the past years. Due to so many unfortunate scams out there, we are now requiring every group, club or company to fill out a Fundraising Application Form and submit as a formal contract to conduct said fundraiser.

This form will be registered with the General Attorney's Office.

NOTE: It is unlawful to conduct a fundraiser and NOT turn over all monies raised. 

Guidelines to conducting a fundraiser for Project Hawai'i, Inc.:

  1. Project Hawai'i prohibits funds to be utilized by the participant (you) to reimburse or use to purchase supplies, travel expenses, paid staff reimbursement, items participants wish to purchase on their own. FURTHERMORE! Participants CANNOT change their mind and not turn over the monies raised after the event. Once you have chose to USE our charity, you need to fulfill the agreement. In other words, if you are planning to scam our homeless children, please find another charity. We are no longer going to be tolerant of this behavior and will be turned over for prosecution. 

  2. All funds raised must be turned over to Project Hawai'i, Inc., in the form of paypal, check, money order or cash directly following the fundraiser

  3. Funds raised CANNOT be used to purchase items at participant's discretion  (this is a fundraiser not a collection)

  4. Participants can choose which program they wish to sponsor and what their funds are used for.

  5. Participants can choose the date, time, schedule and term length of their designated fundraiser

  6. Participants can use Project Hawai'i, Inc., logo, photos and website links to advertise and promote their function. Copies must be submitted to our office via email or postal service

  7. Participants can set up a GOFUND ME account that links directly to our nonprofit organizations account. Cannot set up their own page as an individual

  8. Participants can request a fundraising goal chart listed on our site for their function

  9. Participants can set up social media and tag Project Hawai'i for extra exposure 

  10. Participants will need to have all forms of checks made payable to Project Hawai'i, Inc., and will need a "cash log" for those providing cash and will need to be turned over for our records at the end of the fundraiser.

  11. Participants and the donors will receive tax deductible verification cards after the event

  12. By signing this form, YOU and YOUR Group is adhering to the guidelines and accept the terms for conducting a fundraiser. By signing you agree that you are intending to conduct a fundraiser for Project Hawai'i, Inc.