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Connect with friends and family on Facebook while bringing positive change into the lives of homeless children. It's easy to set up and all donations go directly to Project Hawai'i Inc.


It's Easy, Follow These Steps Using Your PC / Laptop:

1. Click "CREATE" in the menu toolbar

2. Click "FUNDRAISER" in the menu

3. Select "NONPROFIT"

4.. Enter "PROJECT HAWAII INC." and select it as your nonprofit

5. Enter dollar amount of how much money you would like to raise

6. Enter a date for when you would like your fundraiser to end

7. Click "NEXT"

8. Title your fundraiser and tell your story in the space provided. You can also simply use the default Project Hawai'i Inc. charity information already included.

9. Pick a cover photo to personalize your fundraiser

10. Click "CREATE" and your Facebook fundraiser has begun

11. Invite all your Facebook friends to raise awareness and more donations. Good luck and happy fundraising! Let us know if you have any questions.