Welcome to the Easter Bunny's Workshop....   Happy Easter to All!

Project Hawai'i, Inc. believes that the simple pleasures that our families take for granted are those that help to shape the self esteem and self worth of the homeless children we provide services to. Some might think that an Easter basket or an egg hunt isn't really necessary. After all, these children are homeless and living in extreme poverty without daily meals or basic life necessities. However, because society has put such a "price tag" on the "value" of a holiday, these children are even more affected. 

Imagine the Easter Bunny hopping across the sands, through the bushes, and visiting these children in REAL life. Not forgetting these children exist and actually having something for them....it is life changing to them!! It does have a huge impact on their self worth as they grow and deal with peer pressures, educational down falls, and other life circumstances out of their control.

In addition...our agency provides these children with their SPRING BREAK support. Over their long break, these children are not guaranteed a healthy meal, proper social interaction or a safe environment. Our agency will provide them with boxes of food, hygiene, and hot meals to help them "survive" this break from their food stability at school.

Our dedicated volunteers with the SUPPORT of the community assures these children do not miss a single holiday event....They get to be children and enjoy the laughter the holidays bring...Mahalo!!!

Easter on the Big Island

Since 2003, Project Hawai'i, Inc., has provided over 200 children on the Big Island with an Easter Celebration. We rent Coconut Island, bring in tents and truck loads of baskets, food, games, and prizes for these children to enjoy for the whole afternoon. 

The Easter Bunny comes and takes photos, hands out their individual age appropriate basket, all while allowing these children to feel the wonders of being truly loved.

Children will enjoy games that they can win prizes such as hygiene products, art supplies, school supplies, and other needed items. Children enjoy a healthy hot meal with their family as they sit under the palm trees and enjoy the day....just as if they were at a family picnic.



Sponsorships needed!!


  • Holiday Meal $250.00 

  • Game Sponsorship $125.00


  • Easter Basket for a Child $20.00

  • New Spring Outfit/Shoes $20.00

  • Bunny Bag of Hygiene $10.00

  • Hot Meal for a Child $7.00

  • Family Meal $35.00










Hopping OVER to O'ahu Easter  Outreach

Our Outreach to the children here on O'ahu is a bit different. Children are spread out over a 10 mile stretch deep in the bush or along the water's edge....So our Easter Bunny hops her way across the entire island bringing these children their baskets filled with goodies, bunny bags with hygiene, and a new outfit for their Easter Day!!

                        NO HOMELESS CHILD IS LEFT OUT!!!



    • Easter Basket filled with goodies: $25.00

    • New Outfit/Shoes $20.00

    • Lunch Bag $7.00

    • Bunny Bag with Hygiene $10.00


NEW FOR 2019- O'ahu


Due to the current clean sweeps and our families being displaced, we are doing our best to find all our keiki. This year is more important than ever to assure them we are there for them and will not forget them. Please make your donation today to show them people do care! We are going to be providing meal cards instead of food boxes so the families can be more mobile as they search for their new "home".


Project Hawai'i, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3)

Enhancing the Lives of Homeless & Poverty Stricken Keiki

Locations on O'ahu and Hawai'i Island

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749-1844 United States

Email: projecthawaii@helpthehomelesskeiki.org

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