Thank you for wanting to be part of the our holiday Christmas party for the homeless children. We know that you want to make this successful for the children, so we have a few guidelines for those who wish to participate.

Since we are limited on space at the party and the sad fact is that we LIMIT the homeless families to ONE adult per family to assure we can accommodate more children, we have to do the same with the volunteers and limit those who can actually attend the party.

More volunteers = LESS homeless children that get to attend the party and see Santa.

If your company or group wishes to participate in the party by providing either a game with prizes or a take and make craft project, here are the guidelines:

To do a Game with Prizes for the children

1. You need to provide a GAME for the children that is pretty easy to win as we have all ages... It needs to have different "win" spots, such as if the child gets two rings on the peg they get this, or if they hit the red dot they get this and so forth. Typically there needs to be 2-3 win areas.

2. You need to provide 100 of each win category for the game

3. If you choose, we DO HAVE games, and activities and can provide the prizes as well for a donation of $100. per game

4. We limit 2 PEOPLE per game... so, if your group is 4 = 2 games or $200.

To do a make a take craft for the children.

1. These too need to be a simple and NOT MESSY craft project that a child can take home with them. This can be anything Christmas (non religious) themed.  If you choose to do a paper type craft, like making a Santa out of felt/colored paper, paper plate, eyes, etc... EVERYTHING needs to be PRE-CUT and ready to "glue or assemble". Due to the short time frame we RECOMMEND strongly that you use GLUE DOTS, especially for smaller items, rather than glue.. it doesn't dry in time and it gets MESSY...

(NO PAINT is allowed!!!)

2. You need to provide 100 projects. Not all children will do the project, nor is there enough time.

3. Again, we do have projects that can be sponsored for $150. 

4. We limit the craft project to 3 people, so if you have more than 3, it will count as 2 projects.