Covid-19 Kokua Services

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Our goal is to reach out weekly with support to the 127 families we have on Big Island and 49 families on O'ahu, and 32 families on Mau'i

COVID-KOKUA Services are being conducted on both the Big Island, O'ahu and Mau'i to assure our keiki are staying clean and healthy and educationally stimulated.

You can be a part of this success.

Our goal are to provide weekly visits to the wide areas of where our children lives across the islands. Because our families are more isolated in remote areas they don't have access to many of the services being offered throughout the community. Most of our families do not have transportation. Our families live off grid with no water, electricity, internet or sometimes even cell service. They are isolated and not able to access the resources to home school. And most of our Mau'i residents live in CARS and have to move nightly to avoid being sited or even towed.

Donation chart below

Here is an overview of what we are going to be providing over the quarantine period:

  • Family Food Boxes (Big Island Only) 

  • Meal Cards (All Islands)

  • Family Hygiene Bags including PPE/Covid Supplies

  • Educational Worksheets per grade level from pre-school to high school

  • Basic school supply packets

  • Mind building activities, such as arts and crafts, games, mini science projects, and more.

How you can be the difference and help

We are seeking volunteers in the following areas: NOTE: Please do not start your collections until you register and get details!!

  1. Educational Support Coordinator: Will connect with schools to obtain grade level worksheets, make copies/packets with a week of work. Help secure basic school supply packets.

  2. Food Box Coordinator: Help set up collections of meal donations, not random items of food, but select items that will provide a meal for a family that need very little prep. (BIG ISLAND ONLY)

  3. Hygiene Support Coordinator: Help set up collections of basic hygiene products for our families, Such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, paste, etc.

  4. Activity Coordinator: This is perfect for youth groups, but of course open to everyone. Will commit to making activities packs such as an art or craft project, science projects, etc. Allowing the children to have a fun activity while learning to follow instructions to create. (will need to be mailed to our offices)

  5. We need help securing a storage solution to help facilitate this program. It can be a storage shed, abandon building or open to suggestions.


Before starting anything, connect with us and sign up so we are organized and not duplicating services


Our Goal for Fall 2021  is to Sponsor our 680  homeless children monthly  $167,280.

Outreach Support Breakdown:

  1. Monthly Food Box: $35

  2. Child's Weekly Lunch $7.

  3. Hygiene Bag: $15

  4. Educational Support Packet: $15

  5. Activity Packet: $10

UPDATE on Covid Kokua

Mahalo for your Donations... making a difference in our keiki lives

14,443 Educational Packets
6,752 Masks Provided
134,597 Meals
Hygiene Supplies

12 Team Leaders &
354 Volunteers

To save credit card fees, you can mail your donation to:

Project Hawai’i, Inc. 

P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749-1844 

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Our   Amazing   Company   Donors

Maile Lei Donors $10,000 or more

  • Hawai'i Community Foundation- Providing Big Island Meal Support $32,100.

  • The Prabhu 'Ohana $10,000.

  • Brunson Charitable Fund: $10,000.

Crown Flower Lei Donors $5,000 -$9,990.

  • Keri Philpott -Shepherd with HomeBridge Financial $5,400.

  • J.P Morgan Trust $5,000.00

  • The Benson Family Trust: $6,000.00

  • Island Hospice $5,000.00

Pikaki Lei Donors $1,000 -$4,990.

  • Shane Victorino Foundation $2,500.

  • Tsutsui & Vehara CPAS, LLC - Honolulu $1,000.

  • Papa Ola Lokahi $1,500.

  • Target Stores

  • Amalgamated Charitable Foundation $1,000.

  • Ilima at Leihano $1,000.00