College Dormitories

Our dormitory on the Big Island is nearly complete. It  contains six rooms to house up to thirteen female college students. It provides living spaces, kitchens, and therapy/consultation areas for our students.


We offer two-year degree program occupancy, which is an estimated cost of $10,800 per student.

We need to raise $186,000 to complete construction and to get our students housed for their first year.


After their first year, each student will have a cost of $5,400 per year, which includes their housing, transportation and related costs.

Each student deserves a safe and supportive environment to call home. Your donation ensures our Teens have the home they need amidst their studies.

Help our keiki go to college.


Sponsor Rooms

Donations of $25,000. or more. Our room sponsors are honored with plaques above the rooms they helped construct. Reach out now to express your interest in providing a safe space for our students.

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Sponsor Students

Each student has an annual cost of $5,400 after their first year. Your sponsorship ensures a safe and supportive space for our keiki to pursue their degrees, honored with a plaque. Reach out to express your interest in sponsoring a student.


Donation Jar

Give What You Can

Donations of any amount are accepted for this incredibly important project.


Click below to donate to the housing of our student youth.

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