Company Sponsorship

Mahalo for your interest in investing in our homeless children and being the stepping stone they need to succeed.

Our transitional housing project has been a vision for so long and now a reality coming to life.

Your contribution truly does change the lives of our homeless families and has a direct impact on our community.

Please choose to make your donation choice below.

We are open to material in kind donations as well as financial commitment.

Our program has a budget of just over $430,000.00 and we are in the home stretch of just under $80,000.00 still needed.


Company Sponsorship Benefits

Partnering with us to help end the cycle of poverty has many benefits to the community at large, from reduced crime rate, overload on the welfare system, higher graduation rate and lower youth pregnancies.

Direct benefits for the company include tax deduction benefits, social media awareness, website linking, banners on our job site, t-shirt advertising and community awareness.

Become a sponsor and make your investment at the $10,000. level and we will also include a plaque with your company name on one of our homes. 

You are the stepping stones to the future. 

Fill out the form below with your sponsorship amount and be part of their future to homeownership