PLEASE NOTE: This page is to volunteer for the BIG ISLAND Holiday Party. If you are looking for other volunteer opportunities for the holidays, please visit our REGULAR VOLUNTEER PAGE


 We do not make this public for the safety of the children.


Aloha Everyone,

Thank you for your concern and willingness to help our homeless keiki enjoy a wonderful holiday party experience. We are expecting approximately 350 keikis of all ages. Our homeless keiki are living in extreme poverty and this event is a way to share the holiday joy with them. We know you want what is best for the overall success of our party to maximize the joy we can bring our keiki, so we do have guidelines to follow. Project Hawai'i has had 17 years to figure out what makes an awesome experience for everyone involved, campers, teen mentors, and volunteers... 


​We do run a very strict program for both the volunteers and the homeless children/families for everyone's enjoyment, organization and flow of the party. This event is a very QUICK paced program and we need those who are open to working as a team to make this a success for the children. We are probably in the category of organized chaos! 


In addition, we do not accept volunteers or group who are doing this to promote their own needs, groups, etc. This is NOT one of our authorized Volunteer projects and will NOT be giving HOURS toward community service. 

There are absolutely NO PHOTOS to be taken​. We have so many fragile children and some in protective custody children and therefore do  not allow photos.

Please DO NOT advertise that your group or company is SPONSORING this event. While we do have a place for companies and sponsors listed on our website, and will include your name in our newsletters, press releases, social media, etc. we cannot have groups taking credit for this party. It is unethical!

As well, if your group does a FUNDRAISER, all monies must be turned over to the charity. We will have you sign a contract and that too will be submitted to the attorney general. If you do a fundraiser, refuse to turn over funds, we will prosecute. (I know, by now you are thinking WHAT???, but we have been taken such advantage of by so many "groups" in the community that we need to protect our homeless children by announcing OUR intentions for this who try to fraud us)



Since our party location is limited on space, NOT ONLY do we have to limit the homeless children's families to ONE adult per family to allow for more children. We too are limiting our volunteers that will be involved with the party. EVERY EXTRA BODY that is in that facility is ONE LESS child that gets to experience the wonders of this event. I know that no one wants to impede a child from visiting with Santa. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 


Please Note: THE FORM BELOW DOES NOT CONFIRM YOUR POSITION, you will receive a CONTRACT email to confirm your enrollment​.


 Choose from the lists below on how you would like to be part of this wonderful event for the homeless children.


HOW TO APPLY and become part of this wonderful holiday event for our homeless children.

1.     Fill out the form below with your choice of volunteering from the list below with DETAILS

2.     Include your email, phone, and the number of people you are bringing...see restrictions in each category

Those who wish to PROVIDE items towards our holiday meal
·       Please let us know what you are planning to provide (remember a min of LARGE
​ Foil tray is required)​

1. Main Dish, 

2. Side Dish, 

3. Dessert....​We only accept the following desserts because of the MESS factor... cookies of your choice are fine.. .NO TOPPINGS, please)​

I will let you know if we are no longer in need of that type of dish.

·        Please bring your items ready to serve (we can accept items that need to be warmed).    

               BE SURE your items are in  (easier for us is in those silver party sterno type trays)

·        DROP OFF TIMES: 12:00-3:00 p.m. 

·        Please keep your dessert within the messy items, sticky, and must be single serve ready. It is hard enough for our volunteers to clean and mop without everything stuck to the ground. 

We WILL NOT Serve that which does not fit the requirements for the MESS factor...

·        We still need approx. 500 juice box, capri suns etc...must be individual refreshments...

​We no longer are accepting HELP for the kitchen prep or service. Mahalo

VOLUNTEER SNACKS: we have a dedicated group of volunteers who will be setting up the party and event for the children from noon to 4. We are in need of small finger foods, or snack items. Healthy choices are best. Please let me know if you are willing to make a snack for them. Approx. 10-12 volunteers 


 Those who wish to PROVIDE a game sponsorship

1. You can provide a game, or we have some to choose from. We welcome your creativity to make the party more exciting, so please let us know if you have a game you would like to bring.

2.  Please provide a $100. donation towards the prizes for the game. We pre-purchase the needed prizes for the games to have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. Every child goes home with something. We have a wide-variety of prizes, hygiene products, healthy snacks, art supplies,  books, other NEEDED items for these children... our goal is to enhance their lives with useful items.    

3. Please be at the event between 4:45-5:00 for orientation and game assignment.

4. We limit 2 people PER game... so if your family or group is larger, than you will need to sponsor more than one game. We limit group size to 6 people total.

Those who wish to PROVIDE a take and make craft for the keiki

     Please let me know what type of holiday craft you are providing, what is involved, etc...please try not to get too messy....clean up takes forever and we have a $400.00 deposit.... (we do not accept any form or religious themes to respect the children's personal choices)

​For example NO PAINTING, use glue dots instead of glue, NO permanent markers, NO GLITTER, etc.​
·        If you are planning to attend the party and work with the children, please remember that we can only accept up to 3 people per craft, and that is really toooo many.
·        Please be there between 
​4:30-5:00to set up your craft materials, etc.
·        Please be prepared for approx 100 children to participate in your craft project...while we are expecting 350,
many will not make the craft, many are too young, etc...there is so much to do, so not all the children do all the activities.

​                             You will have approx 90 minutes. so children will start around 6ish, end 7:30ish...​



We are seeking groups, clubs, etc that would like to host a toy/gift drive for our holiday party. We have the following categories available. While we won't have a final count until a few days before the party, we do have an estimated need. (Those who also wish to collect monetary donations that we can use to purchase the most needed items is also accepted.)

Also once you choose the category you wish to provide, we ask that you bring ALL THE SAME TOY for that group. We will give you a better list once you choose the age category.

  • Infant Toys: These are baby toys that approved for INFANT, so rattles, soft toys, even blankets are great. (20-25 items)

  • Boy & Girls Toddlers: These are items that are approved for 2 year olds. Must NOT SAY 3+ on the box. A great example is soft baby dolls, chunky trucks, soft building blocks, toddler approved learning toys, toys with lights. (30-50 items)

  • Boy & Girl 3-5 years. Baby dolls, dress up items, play house. Trucks, cars, make believe, or creative play. (20-50 items)

  • Boy & Girl 6-9 years. Barbie Dolls, Board Games, Trucks, Race Cars, Legos.  (30-40 items)

  • Boy & Girl 10-12 years. Creative Sets, Art sets, Jewelry Design, etc. Active Toys for Boys, Water Guns, Dart Guns, Board Games  (15-30 items)

  • Teens. Girls can do lotion sets, purses filled with basic supplies, jewelry. Boys can do sports balls or equipment.  (40 plus)

Those who wish to help BEFORE THE EVENT...Set up, prep, wrap gifts,  etc.  12:00-4:00 p.m

·        Please email me with the number of people you are coming with
·        Please check in at 12:00 noon. We will be unpacking Santa's Sleigh
·        Please plan to be available for whatever is needed from decorating, wrapping gifts, setting up tables, etc...until approx. 4 p.m.
·        We will have water on hand, but please eat before you arrive, we probably won't even have  snacks...sorry, this is a very stressful event and all of us have been working around the clock to prepare.



Those who are planning to ATTEND THE PARTY and help with the games or crafts  4:30-9:00ish (please note, we reserve the PARTY VOLUNTEERS for those who have fully contributed to the event, from either the list above, or a monetary donation).

​ This is usually the groups or families who put together something prior to the event...

·        Please show up between 4:30-5:00, we will have an orientation and get everyone set...I really need everyone there by 5pm!!!
. PLEASE be prepared to be an ELF.. we do have costumes, hats, and limited dresses, aprons, etc... PLEASE try to bring your own. Everyone!!! will be required to dress as this is part of the wonder of this holiday event for the homeless children. They are here to see Santa and his Elves.. not just a bunch of people... thanks again.... 
·        Please be prepared to volunteer where is most needed. Since we are not sure how many volunteers we will have, we only hope that everyone is able to support a game, craft, etc...
·        Please remember we can only accept SMALL groups, 1-3 people, due to the occupancy restrictions. We even restrict ONE parent per homeless family to attend due to this restriction, which is really sad
5. Those who wish to help with the CLEAN UP ONLY....hopefully a few of you...
·        We will start cleaning up at 7:45 p.m., putting away tables, kitchen cleaning, mopping, etc. and if we have enough will be done around 9PM.

If you are planning to bring something or conduct a drive that may not be listed above, please let me we do have guidelines and such. 

We are looking for TOY DRIVE SPONSORS!!

ALL ITEMS MUST BE DROPPED OFF BETWEEN 12:00-3:00 p.m. Mahalo again for your understanding.

We are going to be hosting this party event in Hilo. You will be provided with the address​ and date after registration.

Let's make this a wonderful holiday memory for these precious children....Let me know how I can help you.


Without your support this party would not be possible. On behalf of the hearts of all the keiki...MAHALO!!!

We have a FACEBOOK closed secret Christmas Group for those who view the photos and the fun for our homeless keiki.

Must be a donor or volunteer to be included on this page for the child's privacy.​

Project Hawai'i, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3)

Enhancing the Lives of Homeless & Poverty Stricken Keiki

Locations on O'ahu and Hawai'i Island

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749-1844 United States


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