This is a Charity Walk presented by the Hawai'i Lodging and Tourism.


In order for Project Hawai'i to be able to write for a grant, we need walkers! While the charity event does provide a bit more over what we raise, in order for us to apply for the grant, we need WALKERS, COURSE MARSHALLS and Make donations towards the walkers entry, we have our work cut out for us to participate.

Anyone can help! In fact, invite your family, friends, neighbors, clients, classmates, club members, and anyone who’s interested to join us for a morning of food, fun, fabulous local entertainment, and a little exercise to help Hawaii’s local charities. And with all the great food and fun, the Charity Walk is the only one in Hawaii where you can actually gain weight by raising money for a great cause. 

The morning offers a breakfast snack tent. Typically a juice, fruit and a pastry.

After the Walk lunch is provided. It is a buffet with hot foods, side dishes, fresh fruit, drinks, etc. 

During the walk, various sponsors hand out snacks, including popsciles, choco strawberries, all sorts of stuff...


Fill out the form below. I will send you the link to fill out your application and make an online donation. It is IMPORTANT!!! That you place PROJECT HAWAI'I, Inc. in the area where it states Company/Nonprofit or WE DON'T GET CREDIT. That is why I want you to email me first. Mahalo.

For TEAMs that wish to participate, I will create a link you can share with your group, then you can keep track and see the progress


Requirements of the walk per the Hawai'i Lodging and Tourism board:

Adult Walkers MUST make a donation of $40. 

Child Walkers up to 18 years MUST make a donation of $25.

There are NO animals allowed on the walk.

My personal experience as a walker, it is a LONG WALK. You do not have to finish if you have young children. You can also bring strollers, or wagons to pull them. Lunch is still available at the starting/finishing line for all those who participate...even if you don't finish

For companies or other groups who wish to wear their own logo t-shirts, that is encouraged. There are so many people at the walk, so it is awesome exposure for your company.


For those who wish to purchase a Project Hawai'i T-shirt to wear at the walk, we are asking a $15. donation for the shirts (reg. $20).   I have the choice of SUMMER CAMP Shirts in all sizes, including children and toddler. Otherwise, I also have our Yellow and Red Logo shirts for Adults Only.



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