Want to help our success at the charity walk for our homeless keiki?

Besides walkers, we are also going to need more community support to assure our agency receives all the benefits offered.

This truly takes a team!

We are seeking those who wish to help with the fundraising efforts.

We are seeking sponsorship companies to help with the overall goals towards our summer educational programs for the homeless children.

Company sponsorship benefits:

1. Being added to our charity shirts

2. Being added to our website as a charity walk donor

3. Shout Outs on social media

4. Being included in our newsletters (over 15k monthly)

Costs: $249.

Second Volunteer Op:

We are seeking a volunteer or two that can work on getting our prizes together for the drawing. This is a mandatory aspect in order for our charity to qualify for the grant submission. We need to provide $500. in gifts. All values of gifts donated are fine... it all adds up in the end.

Some ideas that help to promote the company donating, added advertising!

* Gift Certificates

* Signature Items from the retailer

* Branded Items

* Tour companies can sponsor two seats, etc.

This is all tax deductible and all sponsors are added to our website.