Services Lead to Success

Project Hawai’i, Inc. collaborates within the community to provide job training, career path options, internships and job readiness to our parents who are ready for this life change. 

We provide internships in partnership with Universities to allow students to have hands on practical experiences to help end the cycle of poverty.

For single parents enrolled in the First to Work program, we provide the on the job training to meet their goals to financial freedom.


Target Careers

Employment Training/Hiring

Target has partnered with us to not only train and hire our clients, but to also provide them with the needed supplies to work. On job training, interview skills and resumé’s.


Old Navy

Job Training/Hiring for Teens

Old Navy has partnered with us to offer on the job training and employment for our teens and college students. Guaranteeing a head start to their journey to success.


Taco Del Mar

Employment ~ Guaranteed 

The independent owners of O'ahu Taco Dell Mar has been a great partner in hiring our clients regardless of their current situation or past indiscretions. Amazing opportunity to join the work force.

Wood Table Work Space
Levitating Objects

Add your company to our partnership  and help break the cycle of poverty and homelessness....

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Partner with us ~ Help end the cycle of poverty.

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