A Christmas Story 2020

With Covid shutdowns and island wide clean sweeps our homeless children had no stable place to rest. Living in cars and parking in a different location every night, we decided to host a Christmas in the Park event for our homeless keiki on Maui. They were able to decorate a tree and open gifts from Santa as a family. 

The two sisters featured in this video is our Special Christmas Story for 2020.

The night before the event a donor had backed out of her duty as Secret Santa and did not deliver the Barbie Dream House for our little one. However, we believe in the magic of Christas and that day at the park one of our volunteer team leaders had run into a woman who had a "Barbie Dream House" and was wishing to gift it to a homeless child. We put the doll house in the van and didn't think about it again because we had already spent the night before shopping for the children who were not sponsored and wrapping their gifts from Santa along with their names and packaged ready for the children to arrive. Towards the end of the day these two came with their mom. The mom apologized for being late and explained she was at her NEW JOB, she was trying her best to come on time. Of course this in itself is a Christmas gift.

As the two little girls sit in front of the tree, the elves pull out their gifts. The younger one sees the gift for her sister and wonders how Santa knew here name. She finds her gifts and asks how Santa knew to spell her name. This little one then whispers to the elf, "I know what my sister is getting, it is a Barbie Dream House, that is what she asked Santa for."

Obviously I knew that there was no Barbie Dream House in that pile of packages and excused  myself to pull out the "Barbie Dream House" from that van that had been placed there earlier. 

The importance of our program and the way we run it is very unique. It has a purpose. This purpose changes lives forever.

This wish come true ignites the power of hope and worthiness in a child's heart that will last a lifetime. The sister just knew in her heart that her older sister's Christmas Wish would come true. This will be in her mind forever. With nothing else stable in her life, she knows that Santa cares... .which will lead to being worth being cared for.

So, when you sign up to be part of our program, you change lives on so many levels! Mahalo for all those who care enough to be the change in the world we all need right now.